Dr. Jean-Michel Crabbé has been practicing medicine for more than thirty years, first as a general practitioner and then as a practitioner in a center for functional rehabilitation. Since 1984, he has studied dreaming, chronobiology and psychosomatic interactions. He has published Sleep and Dreams (Ellébore, 2003) and The Failure of Western Medicine (Ellébore, 2005) and Storm of Diabetes (Académia, 2014). His web page is http://www.sitemed.fr/, which has the following introductory message:

This site, inaugurated in 1998, is dedicated to the four main areas abandoned by modern medicine: sleep and dreams, chronobiology, psychosomatic interactions and toxicology. Today, the uncontrolled and unexplained spread of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and neuro-degenerative diseases forces us to think outside the box and explore these new paths. The various topics covered have reliable sources, and my book Storm of Diabetes was supported by Professor Roger Guillemin, Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1977. The Covid-19 “pandemic” is an opportunity to recall the forgotten aspects of infectious diseases, the history of major epidemics, terrain theory [consideration of all that affects a patient’s health as opposed to a focus only the danger of a pathogen]… endogenous and exogenous favorable factors, the role of stress, anti-Covid measures lacking a scientific basis, the flaws of nasal sampling… This site participates in the COVID-19 Health Care Collective for Enlightened and Proportionate Responses to the New Coronavirus.

Since the Covid-19 crisis emerged, Dr. Crabbé  has been writing critical analysis of the reactions by government and the medical and scientific community from his perspective focused on chronic illnesses and their causes. The writings on this blog have caused some people to complain that I’m just an amateur, a dupe of fake news and MAGA hat-wearing nut jobs simply because I have some reservations about the damage done to the social fabric by the pandemic reaction and because I have insisted on the importance of listening to dissenting expert opinion.

I have also been saying with my amateur knowledge that this year’s crisis was fifty years in the making. The virus was just a lit match on dry kindling. A healthier and younger population would not have suffered so much. The effects were worst in places with a dysfunctional health care system, a large elderly population, and a high life expectancy that had, in recent decades, begun to decline because of increasing levels of chronic illnesses. This is the issue that Dr. Crabbé addressed in August 2020 in a letter to the French College of Physicians (l’Ordre des Médecins).

Storm of Diabetes: Autopsy of a Planetary Epidemic (English abstract, 14 pages)

Letter from Dr. Jean-Michel Crabbé to l’Ordre des Médecins, 2020/08/28

Mr. President, my dear colleagues,

In the context of Covid-19, I publicly denounce serious violations of the Code of Ethics and the Hippocratic Oath by the College of Physicians. Faced with the apocalyptic discourses disseminated in the media by politicians and so-called specialists, the College of Physicians had a duty to restore the truth and to provide all practitioners and the public with the true figures from the registers of the Civil State and various hospitals or other mortuary services.

There is nothing alarming in these numbers. During real epidemics such as plague or tuberculosis, there were sick and dead in every house, in every family. We are very far from such a situation.


Faced with the phobia of and the collective hysteria triggered by the risk of contamination by simple contact or breathing in the vicinity of patients, the College of Physicians should have reminded the public that health professionals are almost never contaminated by their multiple and repeated contact with patients, and that the contagion involves other unknown factors.


The College of Physicians, the guarantor of good medical practices based on scientific studies, should recall that masking, isolation of healthy subjects and social distancing are measures invented in 2020, which are not based on any past experience, on any scientific study, and do not appear in any medical literature. The merits of these measures are not based on any objective assessment of the benefit-to-risk ratio, while their obvious medical, human and economic consequences are serious for the population.


The College of Physicians is the ultimate guarantor of the proper training of performance of practitioners, and toxicology is as important a discipline as bacteriology. The College of Physicians cannot ignore the fact that practitioners have been deprived of training in toxicology for decades, and unable to provide toxicological prevention and diagnosis in the face of an increasing number of toxic substances and drugs, or the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, air and water pollution, electromagnetic waves, noise, etc. Environmental pollution could be playing an important and neglected role in the current “Covid-19” environment.


“In the service of physicians in the interests of patients,” the College of Physicians was obliged to inform practitioners in an objective manner, denounce preventive measures that were not scientifically validated and dangerous, ensure the training of doctors in this essential area, toxicology, and reassure a population made hysterical by the false statements of the media. Instead, the College of Physicians maintains a silence, complicit in the hidden objectives of a political power in the service of a globalist oligarchy.

Under the pretext of an epidemic, and led by a blind administration and specialists whose professional experience has yet to be proven, the entire health system is being used to harm the population, terrorize it, and deprive it of freedom, work, and human relations.

In conclusion, the College of Physicians must be brought before its own disciplinary bodies and tried for serious breaches of the duties entrusted to it and to medical ethics.

With my best fraternal and devoted greetings,

Dr Jean-Michel Crabbé, August 28, 2020.