Didier Raoult: “It’s better not to do confinement. We’re going to drive everyone crazy”

by Le Figaro


Translated by Dennis Riches

“We cannot tell people to live completely compartmentalized the rest of the history of humanity! … It’s better not to do confinement. We’re going to drive everyone crazy!”

On Thursday January 28th, on Radio Classique, in partnership with Le Figaro, Professor Didier Raoult spoke out against the health restrictions currently being debated by the executive branch of government.

“The number of psychiatric problems is exploding,” he warned. “We will have to stop ourselves for a bit and come back down to earth.” He said there is no evidence that the social restrictions put in place to control the epidemic have had any effect whatsoever. He did not “see a connection between policy decisions and the evolution of the epidemic. According to  data provided by the Ministry of Health, the number of patients who died, needed resuscitation or simply hospitalization, fell during periods of confinement. The director of the Mediterranean Hospital-University Institute Infection also said the government’s measures were in response to “disproportionate emotion.”

Title: And What if Didier Raoult Were Right?
The Backstage Story of an International Scandal

“Two factors” explain the current figures, according to Didier Raoult: First, “Obesity. We live in a society of the obese … the thing to fight against is obesity and the consumption of sugary drinks,” insisted the professor. Second, “age”: “The average age of mortality currently is 81 years. [Covid]  is not going to change life expectancy. However, in its latest report, INSEE explains that the pandemic caused women to lose 0.4 years of life expectancy and men 0.5 years in 2020. “If I look at people under the age of 65 who died, either they died with Covid and not from Covid, or they had associated risk factors, such as metastasized cancers,” Raoult says.

When asked about the variants, the infectious disease expert was keen to criticize “the people of the Scientific Council, people who have researched AIDS, who ought to know that viruses mutate. A virus is alive, it adapts, it tries to multiply (…) It is amazing that they have forgotten this fundamental notion.”

Will current vaccines still be effective? “Scientifically, it is more dangerous to make a vaccine based on a single peptide than on the entire virus (Pfizer and Moderna vaccines target the spike protein, which clings to the body’s cells). The choices that have been made are ultra-scientific, but they are not empirically proven. The vaccine that was chosen is a hyper-technical vaccine, made in haste in ways that are frankly unusual,” he said, before praising “the strategy of the Chinese”, who “took a circulating virus and de-activated it.“

Didier Raoult finally calls for “letting people live their lives” and “giving proper care to the sick.”

“As time goes by, we will write the story of this disease and say, “At  the time, they were crazy. Instead of caring for people, they told them to stay at home without treatment, and this is one of the strangest things in the history of modern countries.”