Qualifications: MD, specializing in nuclear cardiology, cardiology, internal medicine, member of the American College of Physicians and the American Society of Internal Medicine, PhD Physics, Law Degree (JD), patent holder and inventor of medical imaging technologies, author of 400-500 medical papers, member of editorial and review boards of medical journals.

Recent book

Dr. Richard M. Fleming, Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon?: A Scientific and Forensic Investigation (Skyhorse, Children’s Health Defense, 2021)

Publisher’s description

In 2020, Dr. Richard M. Fleming began investigating SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. Using both his “Inflammation” Theory and Patent (FMTVDM; the first method capable of measuring regional blood flow and metabolic changes occurring inside the body, which makes it possible to accurately determine what is happening inside the body as well as whether treatments prescribed for patients are working or not), he investigated COVID treatments. Simultaneously he began investigating the origins of COVID-19. This book details much of what he has found. By 1999, US Federal Agencies began funding Gain-of-Function research–research that by its very nature is designed to increase the ability of pathogens to infect and harm people. In 2019, one of those pathogens was intentionally released upon the world in the Wuhan Wet Market. The key to proving and understanding this bioweapon is its spike protein. The very same spike protein is now being made in millions of people after the COVID vaccines are injected into them. These vaccines are nothing more than the genetic code of this bioweapon. This book traces the publication and money trail of COVID-19, showing who is ultimately criminally responsible for the design and development of this weapon, which violates the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) Treaty, exposing those who have committed crimes against humanity. Dr. Fleming will reveal the ultimate conspiracy: one that puts the future of the entire world at stake.

Interview, March 2022 (54 minutes). Partial transcript follows notes.

Interview highlights/notes

Mass vaccination and the focus of the vaccines on the original SARS-COV2 variant’s spike protein have caused pressure selection of the variants that have arisen since the vaccination program began. Mutations that could elude the coverage of the vaccine became the dominant variants. This is one reason why vaccinated people have trouble mounting a strong immune response to the new variants. Vaccines based on the original variants are not useful.

There are HIV glycoprotein 120 and other protein sequences found on SARS-COV2 that strongly indicate they were spliced in by humans because they aren’t found in any other coronaviruses in the wild. The chance of this many sequences being inserted naturally is extremely remote.

There are published scientific papers in which the author boasts about splicing in HIV gp120 into a coronavirus from bats.

There was a cover up of the lab origins of virus. At first it was dismissed as a conspiracy theory, then it was admitted as a possibility that should be investigated.

Anthony Fauci lied about the gain-of-function work he was funding via Ecohealth.

The vaccines aren’t safe or effective. The makers of the vaccines emphasized relative risk reduction, but the important metric—the absolute risk reduction—was only around 1% at best for all three manufacturers. This was not statistically significant.

The vaccines/synthetic mRNA cause damage to red blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide by interfering with the hemoglobin protein structure.

The vaccines suppress the innate immune response (interferon 1) and helper T-cells, impairing the body’s ability to produce antibodies to viruses.

The usual way to make a vaccine is to make a weakened version of the entire virus. This gives the immune system a way to build antibodies for the real virus when it is encountered. The mRNA treatments induce the body to produce the spike protein, which is only a small part of the SARS-COV2 virus.

Due the highly engineered nature of the spike protein, it is a bioweapon, and the vaccines are delivering it into cells. Therefore, the vaccines are also a bioweapon.

The FDA stated, “We won’t know what it does to our children until we give it to our children.” This is criminal and violates medical ethics as well as Nuremberg Code and Helsinki agreements on human experimentation.

The US adverse events reporting system has no medical codes for medical staff to use to submit reports of covid vaccine injuries. All other vaccines have these codes, allowing for more efficient reporting. The reporting system is also designed in such a way as to dissuade medical staff from taking the necessary time to register reports. People who call in are put on hold or referred to another number, then put on hold.

In the 1970s, the use of the swine flu vaccine was cancelled after 25 deaths had been reported. During the present mass vaccination campaign, the acknowledged harms have been much higher, but they have been deemed acceptable.

These vaccines have done nothing to end the pandemic and they need to be stopped. Mass vaccination was followed by massive increases in rates of infection.

There was no data in 2020 and 2021 to show lockdowns slowed the spread of the SARS-COV2 virus.

The vaccines cause the body to produce massive amounts of spike protein, much more than the body would be exposed to during an infection by the virus. This is an acute problem for young people because their immune systems detect a massive assault and are capable of mounting a harmful massive response.

The people behind the gain-of-function research, the vaccination program, and the entire response to the virus have violated: The Biological Weapons Convention Treaty, The Nuremberg Code, The International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, The American Medical Association Code of Ethics, and The US Constitution which states that treaties are the highest law of the land. If a government official violates a treaty that the US government has ratified, that person has violated the constitution that he or she has sworn to defend.*

Transcript of the conclusion of the interview

46:10: What we have seen is that two of the critical steps for your immune system, the production of interferon—which means it interferes with the replication of the virus—and T-helper T-cells, which are critical for helping to make antibodies, those are all suppressed [by the vaccine]… T-helper T-cells have three components that actually have to match up with the B-cells that make antibodies. Only when all three of those match up does a signal get sent to your antibody system—what’s called the adaptive humeral antibody system—to make antibodies of a specific type targeting a specific infection and to keep memory cells for that. Now in the absence of those T-helper T-cells being produced like they should be, that system, even though it exists, is going to be blunted.

47:20: The fact that the spike protein is a gain-of-function developed virus [component], which by definition is a bioweapon, replicating that same genetic sequence and putting it into a vaccine–it doesn’t matter how you get it into the human body–it’s still a bioweapon.

47:40: Most alarmingly, for the children right now, you have people at an FDA meeting making a statement that we need to vaccinate the children, but we won’t know what happens until we vaccinate them. That’s the experimental phase of a research project. As of 1947 [because of the Nuremberg Code], I thought that we had, officially [renounced such experiments], though it’s very clear from the Tuskegee Airmen and other studies that have been paid for by the US government, that it seems like our leaders don’t have a problem experimenting on our elderly, on our police officers, on our first responders, on our doctors and nurses, on our general public, and now, apparently, they don’t have a problem experimenting on our children.

48:44: When you’re doing something in medicine or in science of any sort, and there is a bad outcome, you quit doing it.     

49:05: All the evidence shows that there is no statistical benefit to using these vaccines. The mass vaccination has caused pressure selection of these variants. It has produced significant adverse effects in the people it has been given to. The FDA has admitted during it EUA documents for children that we won’t know what it does to our children until we experiment on our children. It’s very clear. These vaccines have done nothing to solve the problem. They need to be stopped. The companies need to be held legally accountable.

The questions about all these codes and treaties, that we claim that we honor but are being abused, needs to be addressed. The gain-of-function research needs to be stopped at least until it can be done under some type of control where it actually provides a benefit for humanity without a harm. We need to hold accountable the people responsible for doing this. They have violated the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty. They have violated the Nuremberg Code. They have violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. They have violated the American Medical Association Code of Ethics, which may not be a criminal act, but it’s the way I thought we were practicing medicine or were supposed to practice medicine. There comes a time for people to be held accountable for things that they do… [There are] two decades of gain-of-function of function research, all focused on increasing the infectivity of this virus with consequences that are very clear around the world. We took procedures in 2020 and 2021 that make no scientific sense. There is no data to show that the quarantining of citizens around the world stopped this virus. If there is, explain to me why in 2021 this virus was endemic. It didn’t stop it.

Physicians abandoned the practice of medicine for a variety of reasons. Some of them might have literally thought they were doing the right thing. Many of them did it because they were told there were no treatments. And who told them that? Agencies of the federal government? The federal government run by Fauci, Collins and other people? Those agencies don’t practice medicine. You don’t call them when you go to the hospital. Your physician practices medicine. That’s the person you see who takes care of you. We have interfered with the practice of medicine. We have interfered with physicians feeling like they could practice medicine.

For the physicians who haven’t bothered to measure treatment outcomes but are espousing a number of drugs, I encourage them to get quantified, measured data to see whether they work or they don’t work, but at least they are trying something, which is kind of what we always used to do before we figured it out. I was there when HIV hit the scene. We didn’t know what we were doing. So we worked. We winged it. We treated symptoms. When patients were short of breath, we gave them breathing treatments. In 2019, we quit giving breathing treatments to people short of breath, even if they were wheezing because, well, “there was no treatment”, right?

All the things that we did in science and medicine were thrown out the window. We locked down society. We put fear into everybody’s heart. We told people to quit believing people who might tell you something different. We quit challenging the scientific paradigm. In science, we are always debating. Anybody who thinks that physicians and scientists are a jolly group of people that are constantly agreeing with each other? No, scientific debate is had constantly. Physicians will frequently talk among themselves and debate what should or shouldn’t be done. That’s a free exchange of ideas. That hasn’t been done. The Texas Medical Association, health authorities, the governor, the attorney general—all of these people should be looking at why this happened to make sure that Texans are taken care of and other people in the country have an opportunity to follow them. It needs to be fully accountable for the people that caused this chaos, this mayhem, to begin with, to stop it from occurring again. 

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Internet searches for more information about Dr. Fleming will lead to reports of his conviction several years ago for filing fraudulent medical bills. To his critics, this seems to be reason enough to dismiss him as a critic of the federal government. However, there is reason to believe that his prosecution resulted from other problems he was bringing to light and that he was subjected to a malicious fishing expedition to find something–anything–that was proof of some error, intentional or accidental, in his history of billing the government for medical services. One may wonder if there is any doctor who could emerge clean from an investigation that was determined to find any mistake. Medicare billing has been a massively fraudulent and systemic practice in the United States. See, for example, Atul Gawande, “An avalanche of unnecessary medical care is harming patients physically and financially. What can we do about it?New Yorker Magazine, May 11, 2015.

Final question for discussion

Did the bioweapon come into existence through the same rationale used for the hydrogen bomb in the early 1950s? The development of that weapon also violated numerous international treaties. The testing of hydrogen bombs was a crime against humanity. The decision to develop the hydrogen bomb was made in secret, without the citizens of the world ever being consulted or given a say in the matter. The people who wanted to make it knew that it was too horrible to ever be used as a weapon, and they were confident they could contain its power, but they justified its development by saying they had to know if it was possible. If the enemy ever made it, we would have to have our own capability in order to deter that enemy from using it against us. The nuclear security mindset paved the way for the biosecurity state.

List of adverse reactions to the various gene therapies deployed against the SARS-COV2 virus

Myocardial infarction, myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke, blood clots (embolism), aneurysm, headaches, tinnitus, Bell’s Palsy, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, transverse myelitis, heavy bleeding, menstrual irregularities, miscarriage, neurological symptoms, skin rash, pain, headaches, memory loss, “brain fog,” death.

* Noam Chomsky and other critics of US foreign policy have pointed out this unacknowledged truth: Numerous acts of aggression by the US in foreign countries, through military action or through interference in the internal affairs of other nations, are violations of the UN Charter—a treaty that US presidents are bound to uphold as the law of the land. Every US president since 1945 is thus guilty of betraying his commitment to defend the constitution (i.e. guilty of treason), not to mention guilty of acts of aggression that the UN Charter was supposed to forbid and punish.