Mélodie Feron, Where is My Cycle? (Où est mon cycle ?) (Independently published, September 2022). Kindle ebook. 9.5 euros

Mélodie Feron formed a group of women in France who wanted to speak out about the injuries they have suffered since they received the mRNA treatments designed to protect them from a respiratory virus. She put their testimonials into a book and published it in September 2022. She was interviewed on Sud Radio in October. The book is not likely to be available in translation, or relevant to people outside of France, but it may inspire similar projects in other countries. This group is made up of women who have experienced injury to their menstrual cycles and reproductive capacities. There are many other such groups forming to speak about other types of injury that appeared shortly after “the jab”: cardio-pulmonary, circulatory, inflammatory, and neurological disorders, miscarriages, aggressive cancers, and previously healthy young and middle-aged people falling victim to SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)—not a new thing but certainly something that seems to be on the rise this year. My friends in the anti-nuclear movement might notice that the experiences of these women in Mélodie Feron’s group sound very similar to the female victims of radiological poisoning who have never been taken seriously by the medical establishment—the “health physicists” who reign over the orthodoxy of all science related to the health consequences of the nuclear industry.

Another reason for doing this translation was to support the women in my life who have complained about the medical profession being male-centric; that is, male doctors practicing medicine based on studies of male patients, or male doctors misdiagnosing and not listening to or taking seriously what their female patients tell them. I wonder how many such women would now dismiss Mélodie Feron’s group as a bunch of anti-vaxx lunatics just grasping for explanations for their problems.


Author’s book description

I am infinitely fortunate that women trusted me and entrusted me with the most intimate aspects of their lives through these testimonials.

I wrote this book as a duty of memory, so that we never forget these terrifying years of Covid and never forget what we were forced to undergo—a mass experiment, even before the end of the official clinical studies (scheduled for 2023 and 2024). This forced injection destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of us women, in France and around the world. After one or two, or even three injections, our menstrual cycle was totally disrupted. It became painfully hemorrhagic, or it vanished altogether. Our cycle and bodies no longer belonged to us. Some have even, in immense pain, lost their sense of being a woman and a mother. Some had to lose their uterus.

The individual emotional suffering and the distress resounded painfully for each one of us, and beyond that into life as a couple. Sexuality, social life, and desire for motherhood were in some cases destroyed. It is a personal, immense drama with incalculable psychological consequences.

I hope that we unite, and that together we women take back the sovereignty of our bodies that throughout the ages has too often been taken from us.

The great discovery of this sad adventure is this force that unites us, more than could any cliché, to each other. We are symbols of warmth and life, the life we build for our children day by day, or the life that we would give birth to in the future.

Beyond my own experience, this book is a search for justice and truth. I want to give women a voice for their suffering, and to highlight their loneliness so that it comes to an end.

The story of Where is My Cycle is the story of all of us, neither alone nor crazy, in a sick society where the economy and the accumulation of superfluous wealth come before the preservation of life for the future. Unfortunately, they also come before what is so evidently important: life itself.

Mélodie Feron is the founder of the collective Où Est Mon Cycle. After two doses of the Pfizer mRNA treatment, Melody saw her period turn into a heavy cascade, with unprecedented pain. The medical professionals she consulted said the cause was stress, then they fell silent. Faced with the inaction and denial of the medical authorities, Mélodie created Où Est Mon Cycle. In four months she collected more than 4,500 testimonies from women who received the same kind of neglect regarding the appearance of these inexplicable menstrual disorders after their “anti-Covid” injections.

Interview with Mélodie Feron on Sud Radio (36 minutes) (in French only), October 2022

See also

T. Parotto, J.A. Thorp, B. Hooker, P.J. Mills, J. Newman, L. Murphy, et al. “COVID-19 and the Surge in Decidual Cast Shedding.” Gazette of Medical Sciences. 2022; 3(1): 107- 117. https://www.doi.org/10.46766/thegms.pubheal.22041401

Abstract: Background: The purpose of this study is to report on the unprecedented rise in decidual cast shedding (DCS) that occurred in 2021. DCS is historically a rare gynecological event, with less than 40 cases reported in the medical literature over the last 109 years. Previous journal articles on DCS were usually case studies; population prevalence data is non-existent. Methods: The MyCycleStorySM survey was distributed via social media from May 16th, 2021, through December 31, 2021. The total sample size for analysis was 6049 with 89.1% of the participants responding within the first 3.5 months of the 7.5 months duration of the study. In parallel to the survey study, a Google Trends search was completed for search frequencies of relevant keyword terms including “decidual cast” and “decidual cast covid vaccine.” Results: In the survey, 292 women (4.83 % of the sample) reported having experienced DCS. The mean age of these predominantly non-Hispanic white women was 36.1 ± 0.5 (SEM) years. Eleven percent were taking hormonal contraceptives, 94.3% considered themselves healthy and 96.2% reported that menstrual irregularities started in 2021. According to Google metadata, search terms for “decidual cast shedding” substantially increased during the months of April, May, and June 2021. These peaks in searches represented a 2000% increase over the first quarter of 2021. Conclusions: There was a significant increase in self-reported DCS in the latter part of 2021 compared to all pre-pandemic cases. More research is urgently needed to investigate the factors contributing to DCS in 2021 and whether this trend is continuing.


J’ai eu la chance infinie que les femmes me fassent confiance et me confient leur intimité la plus grande à travers ces témoignages.

J’écris ce livre comme un devoir de mémoire, pour que nous n’oublions jamais ces années terrifiantes de la Covid, ce à quoi nous avons été obligées, une expérimentation de masse, avant même la fin des études cliniques officielles (prévue en 2023 et 2024). Cette injection forcée qui a détruit la vie de dizaines de milliers d’entre nous, les femmes, en France et dans le monde, et qui avons constaté après 1 ou 2 voire 3 injections notre cycle menstruel totalement perturbé. Hémorragique, extrêmement douloureux ou absent, notre cycle et nos corps ne nous appartenaient plus. Certaines ont même, douleur immense, perdu leur âme de femme, de mère voire leur utérus…

La souffrance individuelle, émotionnelle, cette détresse, a retenti douloureusement pour chacune, et au-delà, à travers leur vie de couple, leur vie sexuelle, leur vie sociale et leur désir de maternité parfois anéanti. C’est un drame personnel, immense, aux conséquences psychologiques incalculables.

Je souhaite que nous nous unissions, et qu’ensemble, nous les femmes, nous reprenions la souveraineté de notre corps qui à travers les âges nous a trop souvent été enlevée.

La grande découverte de cette triste aventure est cette force qui nous unit, loin de tout cliché, les unes aux autres. Nous sommes symboles de chaleur et de Vie, celle que nous construisons pour nos enfants au jour le jour ou que nous donnerions demain.

Au-delà de mon propre vécu, ce livre est une recherche de justice et de vérité. Je veux rendre la parole aux femmes, à leurs souffrances, et mettre en lumière leur solitude pour qu’elle cesse.

L’histoire d’Où est mon cycle, c’est notre histoire à toutes, ni seules, ni folles, dans une société malade où l’économie et l’accumulation de richesses superflues passe avant le futur et malheureusement avant ce qui doit être la première évidence : la Vie.

Mélodie Feron est la fondatrice du collectif OÙ EST MON CYCLE. Après 2 doses Pfizer, Mélodie a vu ses règles se transformer en cascades, avec des douleurs inédites. Le corps médical qu’elle consulte évoque le stress puis c’est le silence. Devant l’inaction et le déni des autorités médicales, Mélodie a créé Où est mon Cycle, elle a recueilli en 4 mois plus de 4500 témoignages de femmes qui pour beaucoup ont reçu le même genre de non-réponse après le déclenchement de ces troubles menstruels insensés consécutifs à leur injection « contre le Covid ».