Emeritus Professor Fukushima, Kyoto University, Blasts the Ministry of Health, calling for an Investigation of all Vaccine Injuries

I started learning a great deal about the corruption of medical science after the triple meltdown at Fukushima-Daiichi in 2011. I learned from many people in the anti-nuclear movement about the process by which the nuclear industry, national governments, the IAEA and the WHO marginalized any scientist whose studies revealed disturbing evidence of the harms that come from all aspects of the nuclear industry—mining, fuel production, bomb production, meltdowns, minor and catastrophic accidents, and the unresolvable problems of long-term nuclear waste storage (forget the misnomer “disposal”). Dr. John W. Gofman was the prime example of such a scientist. His career has been thoroughly documented by David Ratcliffe on the Ratical.org website.[1]

One particular case that arose from the Fukushima meltdowns was the question about what was causing the increase in thyroid tumors in children who were living near the meltdowns when they occurred.[2] The increase was reported in many mainstream news articles, but these always had to show their “balance” by giving the last word to the reliable experts who are always available to back up the nuclear industry. The standard and predictable response was that the apparent spike in cases was caused by increased testing. More tumors were turning up because the Ministry of Health had rightly increased its vigilance and done intensive screening of children living near Fukushima Daiichi. Doctors were simply detecting a level of thyroid abnormalities that are always there in the general population. Thus this journalistic practice pulls readers in with a shocking headline but dismisses the issue with a conclusion that all is well.[3] Curiously, but not surprisingly, the government researchers follow the same dictum as lawyers. Don’t ask a question in court if you don’t know what the answer is going to be. Researchers never went to the opposite end of the country to do intensive screening for thyroid irregularities. Of course not. What if they actually got a result that went against the simplistic conclusion that the cases in Fukushima were merely an over-testing effect?

Documentary film A2-B-C on the aftermath of the Fukushima-Daiichi Meltdowns, directed by Ian Thomas Ash

There is a curious thing about many of the anti-nuclear activists who see through the corrupted science when it pertains to nuclear news. They have taken no similar interest in the pharmaceutical industry—the regulatory capture, corruption, fraud, and propaganda that has been so obvious since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared. Since 2021 there has been a stunning rise in young and middle-aged people dying suddenly. The official and anecdotal reports of vaccine injury are stacking up and becoming obvious just like the thyroid tumors after the Fukushima meltdowns. Yet that’s a separate thing. “Not our issue,” they think. “We take enough abuse being called ‘anti-nuclear, anti-science conspiracy nutjobs,’ why would we want to be associated with those ‘anti-vaxx nutters?’” The two groups are like the number one number two nerds in a seventh-grade class, as portrayed in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.. Desperate to get some positive attention from the larger group, number two nerd (anti-nuclear) wants nothing to do with number one nerd (the Covid-19 skeptics). When The Defender: Children’s Health Defense Fund, established by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., published an article entitled “‘Ticking Atomic Bomb’: 50+ Uranium Mills Still Dumping Cancer-Causing Toxic Waste into U.S. Rivers,”[4] it was a sure bet that many anti-nuclear groups and individuals would treat the source like it’s radioactive. No shares, no retweets. They can get similar reports elsewhere.

Last year, I wrote a lengthy article about this inability to see the way the biosecurity state grew out of the nuclear security state—about the fact they are really two facets of the same beast, so I will leave it here. The rest of this article concerns a recent speech by Dr. Masanori Fukushima on the dangers of the mRNA vaccines that are now becoming too common to ignore. Note the ironic coincidence of his last name. Another coincidence is his affiliation with Kyoto University, which was also the home of Hiroaki Koide, one of the few nuclear scientists in Japan who took a critical stance against the way the government was responding the Fukushima meltdowns.[5]

On November 27, 2022, Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Kyoto University, Masanori Fukushima, spoke to top officials at the Japanese Ministry of Health regarding the state of knowledge about the mRNA vaccines targeting the SARS-Cov-2 virus. Masanori Fukushima is an infectious disease expert with over 25 years of oncology experience. He had very harsh words to say about how the Japanese government has handled the response to the virus, and he told the bureaucrats quite bluntly about the clear evidence of injury and death occurring because of vaccination, as well as the worsening of the pandemic after the summer of 2021 because the vaccines arrived on the scene.

The video of Dr. Fukushima’s speech, which went “viral,” is in the link below—but the subtitles are not the smoothest English translation one could make. A professional Japanese translator improved upon it, apparently,[6] but it was not an easy speech to translate. Dr. Fukushima made a strong impression in Japanese, but he didn’t have a well-prepared text. He was speaking off the cuff, heatedly, quickly, and a little incoherently. His message was powerful and clear enough in the context, but for a translator, it is difficult to infer what his pronouns refer to, or what the subject or the object of a verb is in some cases. This is a common problem in translating Japanese. Thus, to make a readable English text, I’ve made some assumptions about what needs to be added. The version below is, hopefully, a natural rendering that will be easy to read for English speakers. A good translation should make the reader forget that she is reading a translation, and that is what I tried to achieve here by taking liberties with the spoken words and making revisions until I was satisfied with the result. If it is not a faithful translation, it is at least an accurate paraphrasing of the important points made by Dr. Fukushima.


Japanese doctors are capable, so they realized immediately [from the start of the pandemic] that we should use steroids, so they sent out a guideline around June. After that, the death rate sharply declined. That was before the vaccine, so it was a sin for people to advise the use of this vaccine without it being properly researched. The harm done worldwide has become an issue.

In a journal article published recently, it is stated that widespread harm has occurred in people who took the vaccine, which means billions of lives may be in danger.[7] The issues that have been presented need to be studied by the Ministry of Health and Labor. Or you need to acknowledge that these harms are occurring and act accordingly. Next, this information needs to be made available to everyone, with everyone on the same page in terms of treatment.

This article has been translated and distributed to everyone, so read it thoroughly! Another thing to note: among deaths that occurred after vaccination, half of deaths were from effects on the nerves and the heart, among other causes of death. You understand the mistakes, right? [All that pre-occupation with] alpha, gamma, and beta variants, and doing all that dumb stuff achieved by gathering incompetent scholars, completely ignoring science and medicine!

This cannot happen ever again. This is a country of science and technology. You’ve been ignoring science and medicine, eroding our healthcare. It’s a mess! Shifting from fantasy to reality, we’re seeing now how much urgent care we’ve had to give to the people that received this vaccine and had their blood pressure rise because of this vaccine.

Nearly 2,000 people have died from vaccine injuries, but the actual deaths, I believe, are several times that. Most have given up hope. They [at the ministry] happened to conduct an autopsy and submitted an opinion on it, but the report has been left untouched! What are they doing? There’s no reason to hide these facts.

Prior cases of harm from medicine were similar. There was great suffering. No matter what, we have to eradicate drug-induced injuries. This country has learned its lesson about drug-induced injuries, and it has become committed to the prevention of drug-induced injuries. But we forcefully ignored the risk in order to spend trillions of yen to import vaccines. That’s why the pandemic has barely settled down. Last year, it was thought that the vaccine would become widespread, and the pandemic would come to an end because of it. I felt that was a pipe dream being pushed by medical journals. It was a misconception. We have finally started to grasp this. Also, about the nanoparticles: it is extremely dangerous to wrap mRNA into nanoparticles. Various cells will absorb that and transform. We know that now. The mechanism is clear.

Immediately dissolve the evaluation committee and investigate all cases. This is the conclusion. Investigate all cases! Everybody who received the vaccine and felt bad after it must notify medical institutions. We can’t drag our feet. The known effects are cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, susceptibility to infections. It will go to the brain. Nanoparticles will be absorbed by the brain. Some foolish scientists say, “They can’t cross the blood-brain barrier, so it’s okay.” I want to say to them, “You must be stupid.” And natural immunity is being suppressed [by the vaccines]. The reason why the virus didn’t spread in Japan at first was because people have IgA [Immunoglobulin A antibodies] in their saliva, so they have this resistance to the coronavirus. However, due to vaccination, natural immunity has been reduced. Natural immunity was suppressed. That’s why this happened. It didn’t subside at all. It spread more and more [after the vaccines arrived].

Did you calculate the number of breakthrough infections? Most cases were breakthrough infections. It’s not the unvaccinated that are infected. It’s the vaccinated that infect each other. The Ministry of Health and Labor publicized data that clarifies all of this. I will speak on this later.

Whatever you do, respond to this tomorrow. Report it properly to the newspapers and the press and also to members of the Diet [Japanese parliament].

People have reported where they received their shots, so I’m telling you that you must investigate! Just going by what is in the documents is not right. Look at the medical records and investigate properly. There’s no question about it. Are you going to do science? Are you trying to erase evidence? Do the right thing. If you don’t, you’re just going to face lawsuits in the future. Enough is enough. I don’t want to hear any more nonsense. Nobody will be convinced by what you’re doing.

There is no way to evaluate from this [approach taken thus far]! What you need to do is look at the medical records properly—the data—look at it thoroughly case by case. People’s lives are at stake.

You fools! I’ve had enough. Having gathered the members of the academy and Diet, we can’t repeat the likes of this! From the start, we need to bring this to light with the power of science. Which means you disband the foolish organization that is the Vaccine Causality Evaluation Committee. Have an investigation committee to investigate all cases. In order to do that properly, include statisticians and decent scholars, then do the investigations. Like Dr. Sano asked, if there are samples of tissues, what kind of process will you proceed with? This is being researched worldwide already. Japan’s restoration is at stake.

So many vaccines have been administered. The Ministry of Health is promoting vaccine uptake, but apparently only 10% of the staff there have been vaccinated. Is this a joke?!

First, everything needs to be clarified. Immediately disband the Vaccine Causality Evaluation Committee and investigate all cases. You must identify all deaths and unreported deaths. Thousands and tens of thousands of lives are at stake! And one more thing. We don’t know the long-term effects of this vaccine. Many nanoparticles [enclosing mRNA] absorbed into the body will ceaselessly produce spike proteins. People will wonder why they feel progressively ill. Suddenly, it gets worse. Blood pressure spikes suddenly for no apparent reason. Eczema appears out of nowhere. When we investigate, we find spike proteins. But at this point of diagnosis, it has already moved into the next phase. We need to stop vaccinations immediately and take care of the health of all these people. That’s what this article says!

People incapable of properly comprehending the cutting edge of science are always called upon, and the press also shows these people always repeating the same thing. It’s foolishness on display. I’m not here to talk this over endlessly. I am here today to set things right. That’s why I am here.


Consider the Notes to be the second part of this article. Please read Note 7 for a discussion of examples of the emerging evidence that Dr. Fukushima based his comments on.


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The evidence is no longer anecdotal fringe material. It is difficult to not wonder why, since 2021, so many athletes and celebrities have fallen ill or died suddenly long before the average age of life expectancy. The bad news can no longer be dismissed as anecdotal or merely correlational. The proof is in the timing of the rise in injury, illness and death. The articles in medical journals are starting to accumulate. You asked for peer-reviewed science? Here you go. Furthermore, the vaccine injuries being admitted by many national governments show alarmingly high figures, far beyond what has caused other vaccines to be taken out of use. The only thing stopping a halt of their use is the enormous momentum of the ship that has to be turned around. The US VAERS data, for example, up to March 2022, shows 1,205,755 adverse events, including 214,521 rated as serious and 26,396 deaths. The real figures are probably much higher because many adverse events go unrecognized or unreported due to the work involved in filing a report and the tendency of medical staff and even victims to admit to themselves the possibility that an adverse vaccine reaction has occurred. Even when they can admit they were injured, they may shrug and say, “Well, I suppose I was one of the very rare cases. It is still wise for everyone to take this vaccine because fewer will die overall.” See the story of Dr. Michel Goldman in The Atlantic for an example of this phenomenon. This doctor, suffering from lymphatic cancer, seems incapable of considering that in light of the fact that the vaccines impose risks, the correct policy should have always been focused protection, fully informed consent, and free choice for patients to decide the risk/benefit ratio for themselves.