Professor Alexandra Henrion Caude: “We must stop treating the healthy population as if they were sick,” Le Mauritien, Port Louis, Mauritius, 2021/12/01

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Professeur Alexandra Henrion Caude : « Il faut arrêter de traiter la population saine comme si elle était malade »

Translation by Dennis Riches

Translator’s Preface

René Girard [French literature scholar] wrote a book on scapegoating [The Scapegoat, 1989]. For Girard, certain things produce very deep anxiety in us. This anxiety has to find an outlet. Thus, scapegoating. Among these anxiety-producing situations, pandemics are very powerful… What produces the utmost anxiety is confusion, the obliteration of distinctions. We like to divide the world into “us” and “them”, white and black, the healthy and the sick. But with a pandemic, today’s healthy person is tomorrow’s sick person. Everything gets confused, and that produces tremendous anxiety, anger, then violence. Think of McCarthyism, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. “Us” can quickly turn into “them” … The country goes berserk, executes people, exiles and destroys them… For Girard, the biggest jumps in antisemitic pogroms, or other sorts of pogroms, are always connected with things like Black Death and other terrifying and confusing events. A kiss, rather than producing new life, leads to new death, thus introducing total confusion in actions, expectations, thinking and so on… But what we have to remember is that the louder and the more trenchant the accusations, the more anxiety and confusion they reveal. That’s all. They don’t reveal “the culprit.” They reveal your fear and anger and anxiety. They reveal inner panic. – Vladimir Golstein, 2021/12/05


Professor Alexandra Henrion Caude is a geneticist, research director of the SimplissimA Institute in Mauritius and former research director of the Necker Hospital in Paris. From France, where she lives the experience of Covid-19 on a daily basis, she has kindly answered our questions once more, as she did in February 2020 and January 2021. She discusses the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic and regrets that the local authorities have not listened to her message to focus on the people who are sick.


The global Covid-19 pandemic continues to rebound. This is the fifth wave. Do you still recommend focusing on treatment of the sick?

I answered you in January 2021 on the global situation in terms of Covid-19. At the time, I insisted that it was urgent for the Ministry of Health to give full attention to its sick population and only the sick, and to stop treating the healthy population as if they were sick. That remains my recommendation. In addition, following such a recommendation would greatly reduce the amount of stress that seriously endangers the population, especially diabetics.

My appeal today, therefore, remains the same, but with much more insistence! By treating the healthy population as if they were sick, they have been brought into an experimental study whose results around the world, and without exception, are not only disappointing, according to the consensus, but even catastrophic according to some scientists and doctors who are being silenced by censorship or the distortion of their words. I know about this from being in contact with colleagues from all over the world… Some have agreed to lose their jobs in the name of truth. Recently, a German doctor tragically killed himself, explaining in a letter that he could no longer bear to have to work with so many lies.

Why is the vaccination campaign disappointing?

If we take recent history to justify it, the scientific community has relied on a totally theoretical idea of herd immunity [through vaccination], which has been totally discredited. In the United States, scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci readily call it “mystical.” I quote: “I always say that there is this elusive and somewhat mystical terminology of ‘herd immunity’ and ‘herd immunity threshold.’” Thus, the justification for collective vaccination was based on a theoretical belief that is not based on any tangible reality. These non-scientific ideas have also led the community to doubt the very existence of a natural immunity, while all the articles now admit that individual natural immunity does exist, and that it remains the most durable and effective against re-infection by new variants!

A second reason why this campaign disappointed is that we realized that these injections did not prevent transmission at all, that they did not prevent double-vaccinated people from having Covid-19 or dying from it, and finally, that it became ineffective so quickly (in 5-6 months) that it was necessary to inject populations repeatedly. Haven’t we already arrived at the third dose and in some countries, the fourth? It is a never-ending story, without any assurance that immunity won’t continue to drop between two injections, and therefore end up not working at all. This is a question that many immunologists are asking, as they are surprised by this rapid decline in defense. I think we should see the health passes as what they are: a tool of political control that, from a health point of view, is what you could call a PVC, a Perpetual Vaccine Subscription. That would be more accurate.

In Mauritius as elsewhere, the more vaccinated people there are, the more positive cases there are, the more deaths there are. Is there really a causal relationship?

As Mauritius panics about the rise in cases, let us ask ourselves about the very strong link between vaccination and the increase in cases and deaths. And how could this vaccination campaign be described as dangerous? If we look at two groups of European and African countries, on the one hand, we have those that have injected more than 65% of their population and, on the other hand, we have those that have injected less than 20%. We can understand the danger at a glance. The higher the circles are on the graph (Figure 1), the higher the rate of vaccination. The larger the circles on the graph, the greater the number of total deaths in 2020-21.

And on this diagram, we see that the situation in Mauritius is worrying, to say the least, among African countries. However, by looking at what has happened on other islands such as the Seychelles, and New Caledonia, in Mauritius, we see what happened on these islands that had been spared until then, sometimes with zero deaths. In New Caledonia, since they began to inject quickly and massively, cases and deaths have only increased, with successive waves that can be assigned to each new dose. Another terrifying feature of countries that have injected massively is that the population that is being affected is getting younger and younger. This observation should be a sufficient alert to stop any injection campaign of these young populations who, however, were not at risk of Covid-19. To understand the danger of different types of vaccines (ones based on traditional techniques like Sinopharm, GMOs like AstraZeneca or Janssen, or mRNA injections like Pfizer and Moderna), I proposed the notion of Spike Disease, or “spikopathy”. As long as these vaccines make us produce the spike protein, we can expect similar results regardless of the vaccine.

So vaccination is not so effective?

Would you expect to be told that a drug (vaccine) against Covid-19 does not protect you from Covid-19? That in the first 15 days after taking the drug it is as if you had not taken this drug? That it needs to be taken every 5-6 months because it becomes ineffective? That it puts young people at risk of myocarditis? In all of modern drug history, no vaccine has caused so many deaths to be registered in the U.S. VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] databases. This figure (Figure 2) shows the comparison with the influenza vaccine.

And we do not know at all if they will cause cancers (a lack of confirmation confirmed to us by the European Medicines Agency with which we spoke) or if they modify fertility (knowing, for example, that many disorders of menstruation are being reported).

Very early on, however, I stressed the fact that we did not know of a vaccine strategy that ever worked with a coronavirus, and that it was therefore necessary to be extremely careful and to inform the “guinea pigs” of this fact. A few months later, we find ourselves in the situation that I would have liked so much for Mauritius to have avoided. By believing that we are doing the right thing, and by vaccinating the population, we arrive at the terrible situation in which the number of vaccinated people is increasing but the health situation is only deteriorating. All the while, the emphasis should be on prevention and treatment. Many solutions using molecules and plants known to Mauritians have shown effectiveness. But if we accepted this effectiveness, we would no longer need to inject these products that have not followed the path of conventional marketing authorizations. That’s why there is so little talk about treatments. Last January, you mentioned the problems faced by diabetics, and the events in Mauritius proved you right to be concerned. Several recent studies are causing considerable concern in the medical world and in particular among our fellow vaccinators. One concern is very specifically diabetics, which I alerted you about in your columns as early as January 2021. An article published in the journal Nature found vaccination (the Chinese vaccine, in this study) causes an increase in the marker of diabetes HbA1c. The results of this study indicate that vaccination, in addition to stimulating the generation of neutralizing antibodies, worsens markers of diabetes, kidney problems, cholesterol, and coagulation. It is “as if the volunteers were undergoing an infection,” say the authors. Another abstract published in the journal Circulation concludes that vaccines significantly increase inflammation of vessels and heart muscle, which may explain observations of thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and many other events. Everything happens “as if there were an infection”, and it happens regardless of the vaccine.

Are there effective preventive measures?

Among the preventive measures that seem to demonstrate clinical interest, there is azithromycin, zinc, ivermectin, N-acetylcysteine, but also povidone iodine (Betadine) seems interesting in several respects. A group of American scientists and clinicians (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance – FLCCC) have included Betadine in their prevention and ambulatory care protocol. It is a simple and inexpensive method within everyone’s reach. A whole series of studies have been published and seem to demonstrate a decrease in viral load in the naso-oropharyngeal zone and an inhibition of SARS-COV-2 replication. Some studies find a decrease in the incidence of SARS-COV-2 infection in healthcare professionals who use povidone iodine as a preventive measure, and a decrease in the hospitalization rate in patients who use it at home in addition to other treatments prescribed.

We have the impression that the scientific world is lost and that the rulers no longer know what to do. Will there be an end to all this?

In fact, for more than eighteen months, people all over the world have been crushed and subjected to fear, threats of disease, unprecedented injunctions, censorship and contradictory statements that blow hot and cold. Don’t Mauritians say in Creole, “lera soufle-morde”! This experience has destroyed critical thinking, with as many traumatized caregivers as patients lost… Why vaccinate yourself when you have already had the disease? Why take multiple doses when you already have the antibodies? Why only test for antibodies and not cellular immunity, which is known to be even more effective? Why inject children or adolescents who are not at risk when it does not prevent transmission? Why take the risk of multiplying miscarriages by seven or eight times by injecting pregnant women? These miscarriages are indeed a signal that abnormalities are occurring! Why have people been wearing masks for so many months? How is it possible that for eighteen months all our natural defenses, skin barriers, respiratory tract, our immune system would no longer work against this virus as with all other viruses and bacteria?

Why should everyone live in fear when we know that Covid-19 is overwhelmingly killing only those who have a comorbidity? Why is there confinement of healthy populations? Why wear masks outdoors when you know that doing so is not effective? Why leave children in this masked environment when we see the psychic disorders, the suicides, the learning problems. Why generate all this stress? Throughout the Covid-19 crisis we have never again seen those first images that came to us from China—which have never been confirmed—in which there were, allegedly, corpses in the streets.

And yet, what harm is done to our civilization, to the happiness of being together, and specifically to the Mauritian welcome! What happened so that all of a sudden, what seemed to us to be a given—freedom, health, democracy, human and citizens’ rights—were thus shattered? A whole world started to destabilize and doubt its own past convictions, its relationship to its own reality…

Final words?

Finally, I want to state some simple wishes! To let healthy people be free to come and go. To be careful during meals, which seem to be the most significant source of contamination by SARS-Cov-2. To let doctors prescribe what drugs they see fit to prescribe. To allow the prescription of antibiotics because we know that in every viral pandemic bacterial infections co-occur. To discard unfounded protocols such as the use of Rivotril for elderly patients, to discard these vaccine strategies that are more experimental than anything previously done, with this mixture of types of vaccines: conventional vaccines, with GMO vaccines and mRNA injections, as if they were interchangeable… even though no one knows anything about what will happen. Hasn’t the WHO renounced the objective of herd immunity, the third systematic dose, as well as the vaccination of children? If decisions were not political but were done only to treat people, everything would be conducted differently because the focus would be on the WHO’s definition of health that is so important to remember: “Health is defined as a state of complete physical well-being, mental and social, and does not consist only of the absence of disease or infirmity.” We are so far from that definition now because we have focused all our attention on Covid-19. I finish with the words of my colleague and friend, the very eminent American professor of internal medicine and cardiology, Professor Peter McCullough, who, choked with emotion, recently said: “This crisis is a crisis of compassion…” A crisis of compassion in every respect. If we simply went back to our basic principles of just eighteen months ago, our overall health would be greatly improved.