It would be disappointing to never find out who gets vindicated, Depp or Heard, but as Scott Ritter reminds us, we are in deep, way past point we got to in the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, and no one seems to notice. Thermonuclear war could come tomorrow, before the verdict in Johnny Depp’s lawsuit. One single bomb could make the Washington-to-Boston urban corridor an uninhabitable burnt-out fallout zone. There is no Kennedy and Khrushchev pair making back-channel deals to end the crisis, no leaders willing to risk their political careers—or their lives, as JFK did. All we have are the dummies in Washington, all of whom seem to be too young and stupid and reckless to understand all that was done in the past to avert nuclear war. They would rather make Putin pay a price, make the working man and woman pay more for everything, make every Ukrainian fight and suffer until the bitter end, and put us all at risk of nuclear annihilation.

Tsar Bomba Thermonuclear Detonation,
October 30, 1961, Russian Arctic

Scott Ritter interviewed on 2022/04/23 on the Useful Idiots podcast (excerpt):

One of the things that could trigger a Russian nuclear response is a [nuclear or conventional] decapitation strike. They say, “If you to make any effort to take out our command and control of nuclear weapons, we will automatically hit you with everything we’ve got.” The other thing about their doctrine is it’s not “wait until the missiles hit” … The Russian doctrine is launch on warning, which means as soon as they get an indication of a launch. Because these are hypersonic missiles, the period between an indication and the missile impacting is under five minutes. That’s not much decision-making time. So what happens when there’s a mistake? What happens if we get an artificial indication of a launch? What happens if there’s an accident? …  

That’s the situation we’re finding ourselves in today. We’re talking about the closest we’ve ever been to global thermonuclear annihilation. Nobody’s talking about it. Everybody’s acting as if this is business as usual. It’s not, ladies and gentlemen. This is the end of the world. And it’s going to happen because we’re dumb. We’re stupid. We make mistakes, and we’ve eliminated any potential for the Russians to sit back and wonder if this could be a mistake. These missiles can’t be allowed to deploy to Germany. They can’t be allowed. If they do, it’s literally over because there will be a mistake.

What would you be advising Biden to do?

End the war now. He calls Zelensky and says, “It’s over. It’s finished. It’s done. You’re not getting another weapon. You’re done. You’re finished. We understand you got this 30-million-dollar home in Miami. Come to America and live in peace. I’ll make sure you’re on the talk shows. You’ll be famous. We’ll even get you your own comedy show. You can pretend to be the president United States if you want to, but it’s over. You’re finished. It’s done.” Then I call Russia and say, “It’s over. It’s over, okay? What do you need to do to accomplish your mission that doesn’t involve tanks rolling on the streets? Denazification? Let’s work on it. Ukraine will be neutral forever and never join NATO. But it’s over, and when it’s over, we also want to sit down and talk about a restructuring of the European security framework that doesn’t involve you pointing a pistol at our head, okay? We’re going to sit down as equals.” Russia will say, “Well, we should have done that before the war.” Yes, okay, but we’re talking now about the bottom line. America needs to get this under control…

If Biden wants to flip this and maintain a credible NATO and a credible US presence in Europe and bring peace to Europe, then we need to end this war right now. No more nonsense about sending artillery that will never be used. No more nonsense about flooding the market with javelins. No more nonsense about anything. No more nonsense about war crimes. End the war now. Find a way to get Russia back into the European community in a meaningful fashion. That will bring peace and prosperity, and I can tell you this too: If Biden pulled it off, it would be a Nobel Prize, and he’ll be re-elected in 2024. Joe, you want to be president in 2024? Make peace in Ukraine. If you want to guarantee you’re going to be irrelevant, keep doing what you’re doing.