Brief notes on the post-op sanitization of the “sanitary crisis,” April 2023

1. The Myth of the ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’ and other Lies: Interview with Dr. Denis Rancourt (30:33~) April 20, 2023

I’m looking at all-cause mortality. There is no fudging. You’re counting deaths…. [With other approaches it’s] garbage in; garbage out. You cannot talk about Covid deaths because the diagnosis of death, when you’re calling it a Covid death, is completely biased and unreliable… I say I’m only going to deal with actual mortality… On that basis I can prove that this was not a viral respiratory disease pandemic… All of the anomalies in all-cause mortality are inconsistent with this hypothesis that [the increase] was [caused by] a contagious viral respiratory disease. It is consistent with what we know of the measures that were being applied. We know that ventilators killed people. There is a scientific study that demonstrated it unambiguously… We know that the biggest impact on human health and animal health is psychological stress, the stress that the animal experiences because of the dominance hierarchy, this random stress of being put in your place by the system… There are two big sources of stress in your life. One is this random, chaotic dominance hierarchy stress that puts you in your place in the social order. This is really well known. Those individuals who are at the bottom of that social order are sick more often and are more sick when they get sick, and they die much sooner. The other big cause is also stress, but it’s stress related to big life changes. You lose your job. You lose your home. You lose your partner. You lose your parent. It may all happen at the same time. There are these tectonic changes in your life that change your own self-image, your place in the world. It makes no sense anymore. Those are massive upheavals that cause, in many cases, immediate heart attack, or cancer death. The correlations are very clear. They are both stress-induced and those are the main causes of ill health and death in animals that inhabit dominance hierarchies. Can we please agree on that? The scientific data on that is not controversial… It’s been known since the 1950s to 1970s. All the smartest people have pointed this out repeatedly. The modern science which uses molecular techniques has demonstrated unambiguously that this psychological stress and social isolation have a direct impact on your immune system. It completely degrades your immune system. Sheldon Cohen, a professor in the United States, has spent decades studying influenza-type symptoms. He showed that among university students, when he was allowed to try to infect them with his concoction, the probability of getting sick and how sick you were going to be was dependent on the psychological stress you were experiencing in your life. That was the very first determining factor, and the next most important factor was the degree to which you were socially isolated. Nothing else mattered… Since then we’ve learned that in elderly people the impact of stress on their immune system is even greater… Elderly people are particularly susceptible to things that will stress them out and will avoid stress. Elderly people completely avoid stress because it is deadly for them… This is what 90% of medicine should be about if you are serious about the health of individuals, yet we talk about all this other nonsense. There is a whole industry trying to pretend that that class structure and that stress in your life and conflicts have nothing to do with health, but you need to just get the right vitamins, do exercise and so forth. I’m not saying exercise is not important…, but the big thing under normal conditions is stress. So, have a pandemic. Isolate vulnerable people. Tear them out of the ICUs and put them in homes. Don’t allow them to go to the washroom. Don’t allow them to mix with each other. Don’t allow anyone to see them. Isolate them like they are the plague or they could get sick from someone who is asymptomatic. Do all that and you will kill people.


About Dr. Rancourt

Dr. Rancourt writes “about medicine, COVID-19, individual health, climate change, geopolitics, civil rights, political theory, sociology … and [has] also written over 100 peer-reviewed-journal articles in technical areas of science and technology.

Dr. Rancourt “has BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in physics” and “held post-doctoral research positions at prestigious institutions in France and The Netherlands, before being a physics professor and lead scientist at the University of Ottawa for 23 years.”

Dr. Rancourt is “an experienced self-represented litigant at several levels of court and in many administrative tribunals, in both Ontario and Quebec.” He has “been a volunteer Researcher with the Ontario Civil Liberties Association ( since 2014.”

Quotations are from Dr. Rancourt’s personal website:


2. Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel, “Interview with Ivan Rioufol,” Libre Media, Quebec, April 4, 2023, (22:07~)

Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel speaks with Ivan Rioufol, one of the few French journalists to have criticized the management of the health crisis.

[We have] the first revelations that have come out in books published in France by statisticians or scientists who have dismantled the official discourse. These are books that, for the moment, certainly have found their audience in civil society, but they are not promoted by the media. The mainstream media continue to endorse the official discourse because to the end the mainstream went along with the official propaganda that said there was only one truth and that the party is always right. We fell into a kind of totalitarian state that occurred in the communist countries of old wherein the party was always right… Nonetheless, the government was wrong. That’s it simply. The facts show that the government was wrong and the media was wrong to follow the government to such an extent that they insulted people for reading elsewhere. They should have been more cautious and exercised their powers of free inquiry and critical thinking. But they haven’t admitted this, so today you still have a large segment of political and media power that refuses to recognize that it was wrong… Despite everything, the realities continue to reveal themselves, so it is a denial that is becoming more and more untenable. I don’t know how they will climb down from it. It is pride, of course, and it is a pride of the President of the Republic himself who carried out the vaccination campaign terribly by saying his way was the only way. It is clear that the authorities cannot yet admit that they were wrong.

__________  Ivan Rioufol, journalist and essayist, was born in 1952. After studying law, he started in the regional press (Presse-Océan, Nantes), before joining Le Figaro in 1985. He was editor-in-chief of General Information. He became an editorial writer and has published his Bloc-notes every Friday since 2002.

Ivan Rioufol is the author of several books, most recently Diary of an Outcast: Notepad 2020-2021. “Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel is an essayist and journalist. An observer of new social trends, he is particularly interested in the world of ideas and international politics. His last two books are A Québécois in Mexico (L’Harmattan 2021) and The Hidden Face of Multiculturalism (Cerf 2018). Since May 2022, he has been editor-in-chief  of Libre Média, a new independent platform dedicated to defending freedom of expression and press freedom.”



Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel, « Entretient avec Ivan Rioufol, » Libre Media, Québec, April 4, 2023, 22:07~

Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel s’entretient avec Ivan Rioufol, l’un des rares journalistes français à avoir critiqué la gestion de la crise sanitaire

[On a] les premières révélations qui sortent dans des livres publiés en France par des statisticiens ou par des scientifiques qui démontent le discours officiel. Ils sont des livres qui, pour l’instant certes, trouve leur public dans la société civile mais ce sont des livres qui ne sont pas promus par les médias. Les grands médias continuent à faire le jeu du discours officiel parce que les grands médias ont accompagné jusqu’au bout cette propagande officielle qui était de dire qu’il y avait une seule vérité et que le parti a toujours raison. On était un peu tombé dans ce genre de traverse totalitaire qui faisait répéter comme dans les pays communistes de l’or que le parti a toujours raison… sauf que le gouvernement a eu tort. Voilà, c’est tout. Les faits montrent que le gouvernement a eu tort et les médias ont eu tort de suivre le gouvernement à ce point que les médias ont eu tort d’insulter ceux qui lisent, … qu’il fallait, malgré tout, avoir plus de prudence et exercer son libre arbitre et son esprit critique, sauf que personne ne reconnaît ceci. Et donc vous avez encore aujourd’hui toute une partie du pouvoir politique ou médiatique qui refuse de reconnaître qu’il s’est trompé… malgré tout, les réalités continuent à se révéler, donc ça devient un déni qui devient de plus en plus intenable. Je ne sais pas comment ils s’en sortiront pour l’instant. C’est de l’orgueil bien entendu qui est un orgueil partagé par le Président de la République lui-même qui s’est engagé terriblement dans ce dans cette affaire de vaccin, en s’impliquant lui-même pour dire que cette politique était une politique unique. On voit bien que le pouvoir n’arrive pas encore à admettre qu’il s’est trompé.

__________ : « Ivan Rioufol, journaliste et essayiste, est né en 1952. Après des études de droit, il a débuté dans la presse régionale (Presse-Océan, Nantes), avant de rejoindre Le Figaro en 1985. Il a été notamment rédacteur en chef des Informations Générales. Devenu éditorialiste, il publie son Bloc-notes chaque vendredi, depuis 2002. »

Ivan Rioufol est auteur de plusieurs livres, récemment  Journal d’un paria: Bloc-notes 2020-2021. : « Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel est essayiste et journaliste. Observateur des nouveaux courants sociaux, il s’intéresse particulièrement au monde des idées et à la politique internationale. Ses deux derniers livres sont Un Québécois à Mexico (L’Harmattan 2021) et La Face cachée du multiculturalisme (Cerf 2018). Depuis mai 2022, il est rédacteur en chef de Libre Média, une nouvelle plateforme indépendante consacrée à la défense de la liberté d’expression et de la liberté de presse. »